The Gloria Choir Slavkov u Brna   (Austerlitz), Czech Republic

The Gloria Choir was founded early in 2004 as a typical church choir (instead of initially intended youth choir, so-called schola). 25-30 singers of average age about 30 are join together in the choir. The repertoir is mainly defined by the coverage of the religious year, however non-liturgical works are performed as well. According to our statutes, not only Roman Catholics are the choir members. In addition to our regular activities in churches of the Slavkov parish, the choir appeared on several foreign country venues. E. g. Maria Dreieichen's pilgrimage fair, Horn's public festival (both in Austria), in French Darney and the town founding celebration in Polish Slawkow.

chairman Ing. arch. Marek Kuchta
secretary Mgr. Anna Kotvrdová
choir marter PhDr. Petr Hlaváček
general contact